Acne Scar Removal Tips in Urdu

Acne Scar Removal Tips in Urdu

When acne leaves unsightly and even disfiguring scars behind, acne scar removal in urdu can make all the difference. Over time, cosmetic surgeons have used various techniques to tackle ugly acne scars and the science of acne scar removal has evolved considerably. In the past, dermabrasion was a preferred method. This entailed removing the scarred topmost layer of the skin via a sanding procedure. Understandably, this procedure was quite painful and doctors often employed local anesthesia while using it on patients. The skin would look raw and be painfully tender for quite a while after dermabrasion, too. New, unscarred skin often took months to grow back after this procedure.

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Many doctors used chemical peels to achieve acne scar removal. This procedure was also quite drastic, because it used chemicals that caused the skin to blister and finally peel off. Other procedures included punch replacement grafting and soft tissue filling.

Because of the radical nature of some of these procedures for acne scar removal, the coming of new laser techniques was a very welcome development. With these laser procedures, the doctor retains complete control over the procedure and no blood loss at all occurs. Surgeons now use laser resurfacing to treat many other kinds of skin flaws such as wrinkles and sunburns, too. In fact, modern laser surgery is so precise that surgeons even use them to correct eye defects.

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