Acne Treatment Epiduo: A Year Later, Consumers Displeased

Acne Treatment Epiduo: A Year Later, Consumers Displeased

It was only a year ago that the FDA approved this new treatment for acne.  Hailed as a unique blend of active ingredients, this acne treatment gel certainly made promising statements about its effectiveness.  The problem is that after one year on the market, consumers feel that it is little more than the rest, just another underachieving acne cream.  Examining the ingredients of this acne treatment gel, the author reveals why consumers feel the way they do, and offers consumers the remedy for what is ailing them.

While it may not be fair to single out just Epiduo as the culprit of ineffective acne treatments, we all know they are not the only company at fault.  The reality is that the same complaints that most consumers have with acne treatments can be directly related to the active ingredients included within those acne treatments.   Many products out there contain Benzoyl Peroxide, not just Epiduo, and the consumer response is the same with all of them, it dries out the skin, and only works the first few days.  After that the acne gets worse and often results in scarring.    The problem, my friends, is not the products, it is the fact that we keep choosing the wrong active ingredients. 

Even though you may change brands of acne treatments, if you are not changing the actual active ingredients you are using to treat the acne, you can expect more of the same frustration.  Logical as it seems, you would be surprised at the number of consumers who do not think about this as they make their purchases.  They will use a product like Proactive and find the results alarmingly poor and then try a product like Epiduo, or any other acne treatment using benzoyl peroxide, and honestly be surprised that the products all had similar results for them. 

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  If that is the

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