Laser Acne Scar Removal – Treatment for Severe Acne Scar

Laser Acne Scar Removal – Treatment for Severe Acne Scar

Most acne eruption happens during puberty as hormone level changes. And acne sad to say can greatly affect the teenager’s social life. Acne sufferer can be made fun at and be teased by his peers which can result to low self esteem. Due to the advancement of technology, one doesn’t have to suffer anymore thanks to laser acne scar removal.

Clogged pores, impurities and excess oil are the main culprits why acne develops. Acne can range from minor to severe such as cystic or inflammatory acne, and this type of acne can cause severe scarring. Laser acne scar removal is most common used laser treatment to prevent and to reduce the size and appearance of acne scar.Aside from the erasing scar ability of the laser, it has been proven that laser targets the sebaceous gland to regulate oil production, thus acne formation is prevented. It should be noted that not all people are undergo laser acne scar removal, precaution to people with psoriasis and people with dark skin are not advisable to go with the laser treatment. Though there had been recent studies that in the future, African skin can be possibly have a laser acne scar removal.

Laser therapy treatments can be quite expensive. Depending on the severity of acne scar, one case may require one session while other may require several sessions. And sad to say, most medical insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery procedures and laser therapy treatments. And above all make that you entrust your skin to a licensed and registered dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. But on the lighter note, most people who opt

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