Natural Body Acne Treatments and Cures

Natural Body Acne Treatments and Cures

One of the most common diseases today that affects about 95% of all teenagers is acne. Although acne is mostly common in teenagers, many adults (both female and male) suffer from different forms of body acne as well. Experts have proven that people with body acne suffer from low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and numerous other mental conditions.

The main cause of acne in teenagers is the imbalance in the hormones inside their body. This hormonal imbalance causes the body’s sebaceous glands to produce too much sebum (and oily substance) which clogs up the skin’s pores eventually causing acne. Genetics, stress, fatigue, cosmetics, and tension are all factors that contribute to acne as well.

* Applying a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice to your body acne is one of the very old and famous natural body acne remedies. Repeat this process three times per day and you will definitely start to notice your acne improving. Allowing the skin to absorb the lemon juice is a vital step in this procedure. This acne cure works since lemon juice dries up the skin and removes any excess oils you might have on your face or wherever your acne is.

* Drinking a lot of water (8 cups a day is the preferred amount) helps remove any toxins inside your body which keeps your skin clear and immune to any unwanted infections caused by bacteria. This natural body acne cure has been proven to work for many people despite its simplicity.

* Abstaining from drinking milk excessively can also help relive your acne. This is because milk energizes the oils that cause acne thus worsening your condition.

* Fresh fruits and vegetables greatly contribute to the process of getting rid of your acne. Try having at least 5 servings per day of fresh fruits and vegetables to stay health and cure your body acne.

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