Anti Aging Methods – What’s HOT And What’s NOT

Anti Aging Methods – What’s HOT And What’s NOT

If you are anything like me, you too would hate those pesky lines and wrinkles which simply refuse to go with an ordinary skin care cream. But thanks to the numerous anti aging methods available in the market, today we have the option of evaluating the various methods and choosing the best one for us.

So, what are the different types of anti aging methods to choose from?

1. Chemical Creams

These are the creams and lotions containing chemicals and other synthetic substances. Unfortunately, of all the anti aging methods, this one is the least effective. And this is due to the fact that chemicals are extremely harsh on the skin.

They take away essential oils from it, make it dry and prone to infections; react and cause redness and inflammation and even severe allergies. Due to these multiple side effects, they are something which most skin health experts do not recommend.

Moreover, their effectiveness is also questionable.

Consider a Collagen cream for example. All of us know that it is the lack of Collagen which leads to the formation of those undesirable lines and wrinkles. So, using a Collagen carrying cream looks like a good idea, but it is certainly not so. The collagen used in these creams is synthetic and hence larger in size. Since it is not even able to penetrate into the skin, the effects of such a cream are hardly visible.

2. Surgical Treatments

These include treatments like Collagen injections. Here again, the collagen used is synthetic i.e. derived from cows and pigs. Being structurally different, it is not able to bind well with the natural collagen that we have. As a result, the results are less effective.

Moreover, the technique of injecting collagen directly into the facial muscles is highly invasive and it too results into the development of numerous side effects including permanent weakness in the muscles.

3. Natural

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