Anti Aging Products For Gray Hair

Anti Aging Products For Gray Hair

When you are considering anti aging products, remember that looking young is not just a question of your skin. You should start at the top – literally – with your hair.

Gray hair is always associated with aging, of course. It happens because the pigment cells in the hair follicle die off as we grow older. Every hair follicle starts out with many pigment cells that produce melanin, giving it whatever color our hair naturally has when we are young. Gradually as we lose these cells the hairs become less colored. They turn gray and finally white.

Some people can start to have gray hair at a young age. This may be all over the head or in streaks or patches. A small patch of gray or white hair can be very attractive, but if you are going gray all over, it is almost certain to make you look older. This means that one of the quickest and easiest anti aging tips is simply to color your hair. Hair dyes are very effective anti aging products.

You can either have one color all over or you can use highlights to bring life, bounce and youth to your hair. Whether you are a man or a woman, professional coloring of your hair is usually best. However, if you do not have much cash it is possible to pick up effective hair coloring and anti aging products that you can use at home.

You will have a choice between permanent and temporary colors. When you are just beginning to go gray, the temporary color is often best. It will gradually wash out, looking more natural as your hair grows and the roots come out gray again. However, when you have a lot of gray hair you will probably find that the temporary colors are less effective in

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