Death Is A Long Way With Our Anti Aging Vitamins

Death Is A Long Way With Our Anti Aging Vitamins

As the name suggests, vitamins are nutrients that are vital for the normal functioning of the body. Various vitamins do their specific jobs and keep the body fit and healthy if present in the correct quantity. Our body is the most technologically advanced machine and has the capability to manufacture a number of vitamins from the food that we eat.

This may be enough to provide the full quota required when the individual is young but as and when a person ages, the capability of the body decreases. The result is that we are not provided with the required amount of vitamins and the ageing process speeds up.

The easiest and most practical way to prevent aging and delay death is to have anti aging vitamins on a regular basis. We usually have these when we are young as we are forced by our parents, but stop having them as we grown older either due to a mind set that we do not need vitamins now that we have grown up or due to lack of discipline.

Vitamin D

This is a vitamin that can be easily manufactured by the body provided it comes in contact with sunlight on a regular basis. However, as a person grows old, the body is able to make up only about 40% to 50% of the Vitamin D required.

We should start taking in this essential nutrient in our 20s and continue to increase the dosage as prescribed by our doctor.

Vitamin B

This group consists of a number of vitamin ranging from B1 to B12. A shortage of these can result in memory loss and heart diseases. The problem can be easily solved by taking in supplements so as to ensure that the body gets the required vitamins on a regular basis. In fact Vitamin B complex is one of the most common supplements taken by humans.

Vitamin C

This is another nutrient that is absolutely essential for us. It is readily available in citrus fruits like

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