Skin Anti Aging – External Causes Of Aged Skin

Skin Anti Aging – External Causes Of Aged Skin

One of the most important aspects of skin anti-aging methods is prevention. Reducing or eliminating exposure to external sources of aged skin will do a lot to keep your skin looking young.

Sun exposure is one of the biggest causes of aged-looking skin. Even if burns are avoided, UV rays stress the skin, and over time, make it look older than it should.

Aurora Lillo Editor of the “Best Anti Aging Skin Care” website — — pointed out;

“…Tanning is the most obvious form of defense the skin has against the sun, but it also has a few less-appealing responses. Sun-damaged skin often becomes oily or dry, or some combination of the two. It can also develop age spots or an overabundance of freckles. These two types of spotty coloration are both caused by sun exposure. Sun-damaged skin can also thicken and sag. This type of damage causes a leather-like appearance that simply isn’t nice to look at…”

The wind is another source of skin damage. Over the years, exposure to blustery cold wind can cause skin to dry out. Short-term, it can also cause undesirable redness, general irritation, and effects like chapping or peeling. Cold winds are especially harsh, but overly-hot air isn’t good either. Keeping the wind off of the face can do a lot to prevent both types of damage.

Even with external sources of aged skin like this, it is possible to prevent further damage as well as give the body a chance to heal the damage that’s already happened. Using sunscreen with a high SPF factor will prevent lesser sun damage as well as allowing you to avoid outright sunburns. Moisturizing lotion will help repair existing wind damage.

“…Another fact is that the entire body benefits from healthy eating. Along with

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