The Anti Aging Guide For Healthier Looking Skin

The Anti Aging Guide For Healthier Looking Skin

When it comes to the top complaints women have about their bodies, wrinkles and deep set lines are always at the top of the list. Many women will go to any lengths to avoid having wrinkles, or for anyone to see them. This anti aging manual will help you to have healthier skin, and avoid having those deep set wrinkles and lines.


It is important to keep the skin hydrated in order to avoid having deep set lines or wrinkles. The suggestion of many physicians is to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. The anti aging manual suggests that if you smoke, you increase the glasses of water a day by 3 for every pack of cigarettes you smoke. If you smoke 2 packs a day, drink an additional 6 glasses of water a day. Smoking dehydrates the skin as well as the organs, and can cause wrinkles prematurely. Increasing your hydration will not only help get rid of wrinkles you already have, but will stop new ones from emerging.


Exercising the muscles of the face will help to rid deep set wrinkles in some areas as well as sagging of other areas. If the skin beneath the chin is sagging, there are exercises in this anti aging manual to reduce the size. Simply press the tongue to the roof of the mouth forcefully, and hold for 10 seconds then release. Do this 10 times for each set, and try to do 10 sets a day. This will at first cause cramping if you are holding for too long. Following the instructions in this anti aging manual will help you to lose the loose skin beneath the chin in a month, if you simply complete the exercise as directed. The additional skin beneath the chin causes frown lines on

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