Average Cosmetic Surgery Costs: What to Expect

Average Cosmetic Surgery Costs: What to Expect

Since most cases of plastic surgery are elective and paid for out of pocket, knowing the total cost of your procedure is important for your budget. Your surgeon will provide his or her fee policies, but first let’s examine what goes into the cost of cosmetic surgery. While not all costs are required for every surgery, here’s a list of the fees you may be charged.

Typical Cosmetic Surgery Costs — Consultation Charge

A good number of cosmetic surgeons offer a free consultation to evaluate your case and make preliminary recommendations for surgery. In some cases, photographs, blood work or x-rays may be involved. When the candidate is a complex or unusual case, or the surgical procedure itself is technically challenging, there may be extra costs for the consultation. If your surgeon does not offer a free cosmetic surgery consultation, expect to pay up to several hundred dollars.

Typical Cosmetic Surgery Costs — Office Visits

Depending on the surgeon’s policy, you may receive individual charges for pre-operative and post-operative office visits. On the other hand, your surgeon may offer a set-price plan, which includes all pre- and post- surgical care. Otherwise, each office visit can be up to several hundred dollars.

Typical Cosmetic Surgery Costs — Cosmetic Surgeon’s Fee

Your surgeon will charge a fee for his or her services during the actual surgery. The fee can vary widely, depending on the complexity of the procedure and your particular needs. In most cases of cosmetic plastic surgery, this is the largest cost among all fees.

Keep in mind that many factors go into the cosmetic surgeon’s pricing. A more expensive fee does not necessarily mean a better surgeon, while a less expensive fee does not equate to a poor surgeon. Cost may be a factor in your selection of a surgeon, however, do your research and find

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