Jurlique Skin Care Products: A History of Going “Green”

Jurlique Skin Care Products: A History of Going “Green”

Jurlique was founded in 1985 in South Australia by chemist and a horticulturist Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike. Their mission was to generate sustainability within a farm system that would create a mutual benefit for all those involved. From the herbs and flowers they planted – calendula, lavender, chamomile, marshmallow, and rosemary – to the products that became Jurlique, their farm in South Australia became the model for creating beauty products infused with living energy from the earth. Their goal in all of their development is to be the global leader and innovator in biodynamic and organic skin care. The result is sharing with the world the benefits of organics and going “green.”

Jurgen Klein and his wife are pioneers in a new way of sustainable farming. Today, each harvest is still tended with the same care and detailed focus that began on a farm in South Australia over twenty years ago. They believe nature trumps chemistry every time. This belief has driven them to be an independent alternative skin care company for consumers who believe in a relationship between health, beauty, the earth, and all living things. They continue to lead the way forward with great passion.

As a beauty company, Jurlique is passionate about the potency and purity of every single one of their natural, plant-based products. They nurture their “biodynamical” grown plants and herbs with great care and integrity at their Australian farm. Jurlique is one of the first and only companies with products containing natural preservative systems, and they are working towards development of a natural emulsifying system. As well, they source the purest and most innovative ingredients from around the world. The resulting blends harness the living energy of plants and translate that energy into luxurious, vital products that foster timeless radiance and natural good health.

Jurlique Skin Care is a leader in the natural skin care

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