Know Your Overall Body Care Natural Skin Creams

Know Your Overall Body Care Natural Skin Creams

I was enraged after reading about this! For all over body care natural skin creams are the safest solution, but how do you really know what’s included in your favorite products? Some of the things that have been recently found hanging out in our cosmetics are lead, mercury, pesticides, herbicides, benzophenone, oxybenzone, 1, 4 Dioxane, phthalates and estrogen.

Public safety groups try to help protect us, by collecting products and paying to have them tested. This testing would not be necessary, if the cosmetic companies cared enough about the consumer’s health and safety.

Until recently, there weren’t too many companies out there that did care enough. Now, there are a few new names to add to the list. One of them is a health supplement company in New Zealand.

The company’s testing protocols should become a blueprint for other companies to use. They test each raw ingredient for purity and potency of the active component. They test each batch for contamination that can occur during the manufacturing process. Their maximum safe level for contaminants is far below any other industry guideline for health supplements.

When it comes to their face and body care natural skin solutions, there are few industry guidelines to compete with. They use the same rigorous standards that they use for their vitamin supplements. Why?

Everything that you put on your skin can be absorbed through it. The process is called dermal absorption. There are still some scientists, employed by the cosmetic industry, that claim otherwise, but all you really need do is read, listen or watch the news to know the truth.

In the most recent report, the issue was estrogen or estradiol, which is sometimes included in anti-wrinkle creams and body-lotions. They make your face look better, because they cause a little “swelling”. The puffiness temporarily stretches out wrinkles. The estrogen permanently lodges in your

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