Safety Skin Care Product

Safety Skin Care Product

a) Living System : The skin is a complex and fragile-vibrant, breathing and carrying out many important natural functions. Like the rest your bodily organs, your skin must properly nourished, balance and cleansed. Only then will the outer skin radiate inner health and beauty

b) Oil & Water balance : Our body recognize that smooth, supple skin is dependent upon the proper natural balance of oil and water, Too much too little of other causes the skin to be out of balance, wrinkling, acne, premature aging and dehydration can result.

c) The acid Mantle : Every square inch of our skin has up to 65 pores and follicles with glands that secrete the proper balance of water and oil. This creates a slightly acidic mantle that covers and protects the outer layer of skin from bacteria, the sun and pollution.

d) Natural Cleansing : The million of pores and hair follicles covering our entire body play a vital role in the natural cleansing function. The pores and follicles can only perform if they remain unobstructed Clogged pores inevitably result in blemished and unhealthy skin. I suggest choose our Product for skin care to look beautiful. learn more : “Regular Skin Care Sets” for you to try and know the result, It is Cheap !

This U shape diagram illustrates our “Product” skin care daily regime. It’s a safety skin care product. It mirrors the shape of the follicle. We need oil-based products such as Cleansing Cream (top of follicle), and water based products such as Cleansing Foam and

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