Skin Bleach – Are You Aware of The Dangers Of This?

Skin Bleach – Are You Aware of The Dangers Of This?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

The quest of fairness and a clean, clear skin is as old as mankind. After all everyone wants to look their best at all times, and having a healthy, beautiful skin is the first step towards it. But can a skin bleach really help you with this? Let’s find out.

Here’s the thing. Pick up any common skin bleach and you are sure to find hydroquinone inside. This chemical has its origins in the rubber and photography industry, and only recently it has been found to lighten the skin color. This is why cosmetics manufacturers have started adding it in their creams and lotions.

That it works for lightening the skin color, is a fact. What is not as well known is, it’s also a highly dangerous, toxic material. It can cause damage to the connective tissue inside your skin and can also cause burning and irritation in the skin. In fact, many cases of cancer have also come to light after overexposure to this chemical.

Mercury is another bleaching agent that is now being used in skin creams. Instead of making the skin light, it can actually make your skin blue black in color and also cause mercury poisoning. It’s as dangerous as hydroquinone, if not more.

So what should one do then?

You have to thing long term and avoid using any dangerous skin bleach. Much better results can be had if you look beyond these creams and search for a natural cream that can make your skin lighter from inside, instead of just changing its appearance from the inside.

Melanin is the pigment inside your skin that determines how dark, or light, it’s going to be. More melanin means a darker skin and its less concentration causes the skin to become light in color.

So if a fair skin is what you’re looking for, then a cream containing Extrapone Nutgrass is your best choice. This plant extract can lower the melanin in your skin by upto 40%! This solves the

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