Skin Care For Nurses

Skin Care For Nurses

Nurses have a never ending fight against the bacteria and germs that are found in the walls and halls of health care facilities.  Nurses must continually wash their hands and practice good hygiene. They are in a constant battle to fight skin problems that relate to the closed air system in their work environment and the necessity to continually wash their hands. One big problem that they happen across the most often is dry skin.

Dry skin can cause any one to feel itchy and sometimes can cause cracks in the skin that are very painful. Not to mention the appearance of natural beauty literally fades away while the damage constantly increases. It is not just nurses that have this problem, statistics have shown that one in every five people suffer from dry skin. Nurses just tend to show these problems more often due to the nature of their jobs.

One of the best things that can be done to mitigate dry skin problems is to follow a few basic prevention methods. First, if you  do suffer from dry skin, then the bathing routine should be limited to about ten minutes and  no more than once a day. Using some mild unscented bath oils in your bath can help alleviate itching.  Warm (not hot) baths are easier on the skin than a harsh steamy shower. Do not use rough scrubbing surfaces on your skin.  Instead, substitute a soft loufah for scrubbing to help in defoliating dead skin cells.

Other things that can be done to prevent dry skin can be simple, such as not allowing the harsh weather to be in contact with your skin. Use gloves when the weather is cold or windy outside. Raw winter weather can dry exposed skin quickly and cause painful cracks that are often difficult for nurses to heal.  Using a humidifier in your house during the coldest months will raise the humidity in your air at home as well and lead to a healthier environment.  Limiting caffeine and alcohol usage is recommended if you suffer from dry skin as these

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