The Real Truth About Fish Oil vs Flax Seed Oil

The Real Truth About Fish Oil vs Flax Seed Oil

To find out the truth in the ongoing fish oil vs flax seed oil debate, it is necessary to understand how they both work in the body, and which gives the greater health benefits as a result.

While both provide good levels of omega-3 fatty acids, the most beneficial of these fats are DHA and EPA, both of which come from a high quality fish oil. The type of omega-3 that is derived from flaxseed oil is called ALA and is used differently by the body.

Most of the research, especially for heart health and blood pressure lowering, concludes that DHA and to a lesser extent EPA are the most beneficial. When you consider a large proportion of our brains are made up of DHA omega-3 fats it’s easy to see why.

Although flaxseed is good, especially for vegetarians who cannot use fish oil, the body must work harder to use it. To be beneficial the ALA needs to be converted to DHA or EPA and this sometimes doesn’t happen, especially in the elderly or for those not in optimal health.

So the fish oil vs flax seed oil debate seems to come out heavily in favor of the fish oil as it has more bio-availability for immediate absorption by the body.

Recent research points to the importance of DHA and EPA for maintaining brain health and proper functioning, and is looking at possible treatment for diseases like Alzheimer’s.  Again this is where flax seed oil falls short in delivering the proper benefits.

In conclusion it seems the outright winner of the fish oil vs flax seed oil debate, if you’re not a vegetarian, is fish oil.

For a wide range of treating ailments from preventing strokes to helping with the symptoms of arthritis the omega-3’s from this are far more beneficial.

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