Toxins To Avoid In Skin Care Products

Toxins To Avoid In Skin Care Products

Would you brush your teeth with Drano? Or put antifreeze on your skin? Of course no one would do that, yet it’s close to what many people are doing every day without realizing it. Our skin is the largest organ in the body, and easily absorbs what we put on it, yet the skin care and cosmetic industry is unregulated by the FDA. Here is a list of some common toxins to avoid in skin care products, as well as those we use for personal care.

1. Propylene Glycol and Butylene Glycol acts as a wetting agent and solvent in personal care products, and is commonly found in antifreeze. The EPA warns against skin contact as it can lead to brain and kidney problems, yet no warning is required on products such as deodorant.

2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is used in personal care products that foam. This may weaken the immune system.

3. DEA, MEA and TEA are hormone disrupting chemicals that may also be carcinogens. These have been banned in Europe but not North America. Shampoo, body wash and shaving creams are most likely to have this.

4. Sodium Hydroxide, found in crystal drain cleaners, is a common ingredient in toothpaste for both adults and children. It’s known to be toxic.

5. Triclosan can disrupt hormones, and remain stored in the body and eventually damage the kidneys, lungs and kidneys. It is used widely in a number of household products.

6. Parabens are used primarily as a preservative in skin care. Another chemical that can disrupt hormones and possible links to breast cancer and heart problems.

7. Alcohol and Isopropyl is drying and irritating to the skin. May promote brown spots and premature aging, headaches and nausea.

8. Color pigments cause skin irritations and are carcinogens.

9. Mineral oil clogs the skin pores and interferes with the body’s ability to remove toxins. It promotes acne and other skin problems and can cause premature aging.

10. Fragrances are commonly added to

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