Best Wrinkle Removal Treatment – Discover The Safest way To Get Rid Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Best Wrinkle Removal Treatment – Discover The Safest way To Get Rid Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Have you used several brands of anti-wrinkle creams without good result? Are you looking for an effective wrinkle removal treatment? If yes, then read on to find out the best option for you.

First, you have to understand that wrinkles develop overtime.  Whether you like it or not, they will come because they are part of the normal aging process.

The development of wrinkles happens when the underlying structure of the skin breaks down as we age.  Of course, environmental factors as well as lifestyle can hasten this process. 

For example, if you always get exposed in the sun for too long, or you smoke and drink a lot, wrinkles would form faster.  Habitual facial expressions may also cause wrinkling, that’s why there are smile and frown lines.

The two very popular wrinkle removal treatments are collagen and Botox injections. The synthetic liquid collagen injection fills-in wrinkled skin to make it look plumper and smoother.  The process can also be helpful in filling-in scars and sculpting the lips.

However, great as it may sound, the effects of collagen injection are only temporary.  It wears off after sometime and you’ll need to take the injection at regular intervals to maintain the look. It is also costly and could cause allergic reactions because the synthetic collagen is not compatible with the human body.

Botox, on the other hand, stands for botulinum toxin.  This wrinkle removal treatment is very famous because a lot of celebrities go for it.  Mainly, it works as an instant wrinkle remover by relaxing the facial muscles and making the face look less tensed; thus, it helps to smooth away wrinkles especially frown lines.

However, just like collagen injection, its effects do not last long. Its negative side effects include headache, neck pain and allergic reactions; the toxin can also paralyze your face.

It’s not hard to understand why a lot of people still go for these two

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