Sandals hemp shoes of different shapes to form the texture “shoe culture”

Sandals hemp shoes of different shapes to form the texture “shoe culture”

Hemp shoes is a production of compact, attractive, economical and practical, to Pass in the folk arts and crafts. Marijuana is a herb with the diameter of the skin with hemp fiber rope, cloth, and then compiled into the shoes – hemp shoes, that is, straw sandals. Tandoori Fu “Huai Tu Fu Cottage shijian state”: “hemp shoes see the Son of Heaven, see the elbows the sleeves.” Shoes, also for “Xie.” See Five Houtang Ma onyx “Chinese Ancient Note hemp shoes.” Northern Qi tui “Family Instructions household management”: “Ye have a leader the next, like it is already rather positive thing … … after sitting Executed, nationality of their possessions, hemp shoes, a house, a few clothes and disadvantages library, with the remaining treasures, words can not win . “Qiu Zhao Ao Note:” Zhizhou whom to Ma, saying that the hemp shoes, or low-pass with. “Qing Wu Weiye,” seeking shelter in the “Poetry Friday:” Ma Xi running Nike Air Max 2009 shoes, degenerated into a stupid cheap. “

Fu Xi, the birthplace of Tianshui, is located in the Wei River, a temperate monsoon sub-humid areas, rainfall, suitable for cultivation of marijuana long history of cultivation, about 5,000 years of history, is Long on one of the main producing areas of cannabis. According to historical records due to net-inspired Fuxi Results grass shoes, hemp shoes This is the origin of Tianshui. After thousands of years of evolution, not only inherited the Tianshui natural hemp Nike Air Max 90 shoes simple, healthy and comfortable in the traditional process, and conform to the green fashion trend. Water Tianshui, Zhang Chuan, Gangu

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