Be an Acne Detective with Help of NYC Dermatologist

Be an Acne Detective with Help of NYC Dermatologist

Okay, you’ve heard the word comedogenic right? How can everyone not know when it is the reason why we have the most dreaded pimples and acne? But before we declare war to skin imperfections, the advice of an NYC dermatologist will be our big advantage, so just read on.

Sure you know a great deal about irritating. I bet that once or twice in your life you feel irritated to your close friend. Yeah it sucks but that is not what I mean here. Irritating in the sense that comedogenic products are irritating to our skin. Everyday cosmetics, medications, make up, sun blocks, shaving creams, hair care and skin care products has comedogenic ingredients so beware on the products that you are picking in the super market aisle say Dr. Schweiger, an NYC dermatologist.

Almost all cosmetic products you see in the mall isle claims that the products is non comedogenic. Well that is expected as they want to sell their products. We the unsuspecting customers just pick skin care products without even thinking twice if such product can live up to its claimed non-comedogenic label. As long as comedogenic ingredients are present in every skin care products then the acne is always with us to stay, such a sad fact right?

But then there are circumstances that are within our reach, such as inherited acne. Having such fate is kind of sad. Forgive your parents and be more meticulous and be wary other factors that can aggravate your acne. Stress, hormonal changes certain medications such as pills can trigger skin flare ups.

The efficacy of an anti acne products sole relies on the product’s reach within the body and

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