Chronostim: A Hair Loss Product

Chronostim: A Hair Loss Product

I had a friend whose hair was really thin and he wanted to do something about it. He went to a skin doctor and was recommended two different hair loss products: Chronostim and Minoxidil, Estradiol Vateral, Esopropyl Acohol, if I read it correctly.

I applauded him for seeing a skin doctor. As part of his dermatologist’s diagnosis, I’m quite certain he took a look at him to see if there was miniaturization of hair leading to male patterned hair loss. Let me add that combining minoxidil with other hormonal medications hasn’t been proven to be an effective treatment for hair loss. He was probably diagnosed with male pattern baldness and then the doctor decided to recommend it. As such, he might also want to try finasteride, a medication much more powerful compared to Minoxidil, based on a few research publications.

The other product, Chronostim, I haven’t heard of it. But, being a dedicated hair expert, I did some of my own research on it. Chronostim is a product that says it is able to act on a group of factors playing a part in hair loss. It has both morning and nighttime treatments. It contains sabal enriched lauric acid (seborrhea regulating ), tocopherol Nicotinate (microcirculation stimulating, oxygenating bulbar), glycyrrhetinic Acide béta (reinforces the activity of 5-alpha réductase), excipient alcohol-silicone, perfumed- hypoallergenic.

Chronostim, called ”NIGHT,” contains a semblance of Ruscus, enriched in Neoruscine (stimulating of the VEGF), Diguanosine tétraphosphate (GP4G – cellular stimulant), Piroctonolamine (cleansing, anti-irritant), excipient hydro-alcoholic, perfumed-hypoallergenic.

Clear as a muddy windshield, right? To give it to him straight, I told him these products

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