Dealing with Stubborn Dermatitis

Dealing with Stubborn Dermatitis

One of most uncommon forms of eczema is dyshidrotic eczema. It manifests itself on the palms of the hands, the side of the fingers, and soles of the feet. Sweat was once considered the cause of these outbreaks. Vesicles or tiny dense bumps form and thickening; when they crack there is an intense itching that becomes worse during night. Like other types of hand eczema, it gets worst during warmer weather.

This type of skin condition has lots of blisters. At first the blisters look like very small beads that converge to become a rash the size of one’s fingernail. Later these blisters will start to ooze. Although this condition can recur often and become chronic, it is not contagious to other people. However, this type should still be treated with care. Since the blisters have deep roots, if you scratch them you can risk causing secondary skin infection. Scratching the blisters can also thicken the skin. Sometimes the skin will turn red and the blisters will become crusted. There is some pain during the more severe flare-ups, but more intense pain from the cracks may develop in chronic cases.


The exact cause of this rare skin abnormality is not currently known. A flare up can even be triggered with stress. Sometimes outbreaks are seasonal just like certain allergies. The majority of people who are afflicted by this skin condition are adults with women and men suffering equally.


In most cases, your physician can provide a diagnosis of your situation just by looking at your skin. However, sometimes the doctor will perform a skin biopsy or take a blood sample to determine if the condition is caused by a different reason. It is helpful if you have family history information and information about previous breakouts. If at any time you get a fever, your skin turns reddish, or becomes contact your doctor right away as infection may have set.


You can try home remedies to help relieve the symptoms of

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