Dermatologist Ottawa

Dermatologist Ottawa

LaserDerm is the best place for dermatology in Ottawa.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and being so it needs special attention and care to look and feel its best. That is why Ottawa trusts all of its dermatological needs to LaserDerm. Dr. Sharyn Laughlin pairs her mastery of clinical dermatology with her groundbreaking work with cutaneous lasers to treat a myriad of skin conditions. With a mission to enhance the quality and understanding of laser therapy, their more than 20 years of experience is at your disposal whatever your needs might be.

Dr. Sharyn Laughlin has a career that is more than impressive. Her work in 1983 with Dr. Leon Goldman, the “father” of laser medicine, prepared her to be one of three Canadian dermatologists selected to specialize in laser dermatology. Her expertise in laser dermatology is highly sought out, and has led her to write a multitude of material for textbooks and scholarly articles. She has also spoken nationally and internationally at over 60 events, educating her peers and colleagues on the workings of laser dermatology. The LaserDerm clinic is equally impressive, being the only place to gain access to many cutting edge laser dermatology treatments in Ontario. Their offices facilitate the research and development of cutting edge laser treatments, and they have served over 75,000 patients in the last 20 years. Problems such as sun damage, wrinkles, spider veins, stretch marks, birthmarks, unwanted hair and much more are all handled expertly by industry leaders using cutting edge technologies like Botox and light and radiofrequency in a safe and effective manner. Skin tumors and lesions are dealt with using a variety of procedures, from cryotherapy to photodynamic therapy to electrodessication. Skin health and beauty are achieved using top of the line products like Jane Iredale mineral makeups and CyberDerm products, developed by Dr. Laughlin herself. LaserDerm is a place

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