NYC Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care Products

NYC Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care Products

With so many skin care products available in the market today, and all of them is claiming to be the best; that sends confusion among consumers. And one way to determine if a certain product is an effective one is through the advices of an NYC dermatologist. The following are used by themselves and even encouraged their clients to use these products:

For face, non comedogenic product works best. A face foundation labeled non comedogenic means that the particles of this particular product will not clog the skin pores. We all know that blackheads and whiteheads are caused by blocked dirt or grime on our face. A lot of cosmetic companies nowadays are using terms such as hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and non-comedogenic. So scientific-sounding right? It is important to test a new product on your own skin rather than rely on the label, before using it freely, or one can seek an NYC dermatologist advice in this matter.

Non-comedogenic makeup works best for acne-prone individuals and individuals with oily skin. Since non-comedogenic means that the product does not clog pores a non-occlusive formula is appropriate for individuals who are susceptible to breakouts or who suffer from regular acne.

Using sun block can greatly benefit the skin in the long run. Ultraviolet rays had been proven to have an adverse effect to skin such as premature skin aging, brown spots and wrinkles. Look for products with SPF (Sun Protection Factor), the higher the SPF the better. Allow the sun block to be absorbed first by the skin, 20 minutes at least before heading out the sun. The best that an NYC dermatologist can advise is to stay out of the sunlight during 10AM to 3PM where sun’s rays are very damaging to skin. NYC dermatologist advises the use of gel sunscreen lotion for oily skin type.

NYC Dermatologist, Dr. Eric Schweiger performs cosmetic dermatology as well as treatments for medical skin conditions. Dr. Schweiger practices exclusively in Manhattan, New York. His NY office accepts most insurance policies.
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