Beat the Wicked Winter Weather with Natural Ingredients and Facial Treatments for Various Skin

Beat the Wicked Winter Weather with Natural Ingredients and Facial Treatments for Various Skin

It’s during this time of the year in New York that the cold, cruel winter weather starts to affect our skin, particularly our poor, exposed facial skin. That’s why it’s more important than ever to give your skin the care and attention it deserves. There are a range of natural ingredients which will nourish and protect our delicate faces from the weather but it’s important to remember that skin type varies greatly and it’s crucial that you find the right ingredients and treatments for your skin type.

Dry/Sensitive skin is perhaps the most affected by the harsh winter winds and can easily become flaky, red, itchy and irritated. Thankfully there are a number of treatments available to minimize skin sensitivity and to soothe stressed complexions. Ingredients like olive oil and olive leaf provide superior anti-oxidant protection while others, such as seaweed, can retrain the skin to be less sensitive and build resistance to external factors, meaning that your face will be better able to cope with the inevitable New York winds and snow storms. As well as looking for products that use olive oil, olive leaf and seaweed, treat your skin to a nourishing facial, designed for sensitive skin and containing one or more of the above ingredients – you’ll notice the difference immediately and your skin will thank you for it!

While there are endless chemical based products available for aging skin, it’s often best to turn to Mother Nature and to go natural instead. For example, blackcurrant seeds and blackcurrant oil have recently become popular again for their anti-inflammatory properties. They are proven to soothe and calm down the skin’s inflammation and the oil is also rich in essential fatty acids. EFA’s have endless benefits, including the protection of skin tissue, the insulation of nerves and the maintenance of the skin’s vital functions. As well as looking out for products which contain these ingredients, you could indulge your skin in a

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