Caring for Dry Skin and Oily Skin

Caring for Dry Skin and Oily Skin

I have oily skin what to do? The oily skin is a thick skin, slightly shiny and greasy. Generally has pores, where, due to increased sebum production, tends to form blackheads and pimples. Its gray color is often a result of receiving a poor blood supply.

Oily skin Features:
• The texture is coarse.
• Luce dilated pores can be seen with the naked eye.
• Pimples are present regularly.
• Shine all day.
• The makeup comes off with ease or change of tone.
• There are also occasional outbreaks of acne or permanent.

Caring for my oily skin:
• Deep cleaning twice daily.
• Indispensable “artificer” to minimize the constant brightness.
• Hydration, as the aggressive use of dehydration but did not appear.
• The balance of the epidermis, gradually reducing excess oil and acne outbreaks.

What should I avoid in my oily skin?

• Handle constantly face, because that activates the sebaceous glands begin to emit greater amounts fat.
• Foods containing iodine such as seafood, or vegetable sanitizers.
• The heat of the kitchen or the sun as it causes more pores to dilate and become infected acne outbreaks.

Care for dry skin. Dry skin looks tight, looks dull and fine pores rarely perceived is very sensitive to temperature changes, often appearing red. If you do not have the necessary care often are you premature wrinkles.

Characteristics of dry skin:
• Luce opaque.
• Expression lines are evident.
• It feels tight.
• rarely perceive the pores.
• Occasionally may itch.
• It peels easily.
• Do not know the shins.

Caring for dry skin:
• Frequent wetting during the day.
• Formulas that will enrich and provide a shiny appearance at the time.
• Internal hydration, you can get if you eat at least two

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