Mask for Acne Skin

Mask for Acne Skin

Medicated mask are most commonly used for oily acne skin. They comes in forms of clay mask, gel mask, cream mask, peel – off mask, individually wrapped paper mask, individual crystal gel mask, powdered mask with activator lotion and many more. With so many choices, how should one with acne skin problem choose one that is right for their skin?

For oily and acne skin that is very sensitive due to either inflammation or thinning of the skin, paper or gel mask will be a better alternative then clay mask or peel off mask. Treat your skin as sensitive skin. Many products that deals with acne problem unfortunately will usually make the skin rather dehydrated and sensitive. A mask is a good way to re-balance the skin.

Clay mask , peel – off mask and powder mask with activator is best for oily skin with black heads and white heads. Some of the peel – off mask in the market can actually get rid of blackheads as you peel it off. Be careful not to used this kind too often as it will loosen your muscle tone and make your skin rather sensitive. I’ve seen some individuals who is so obsessed with using this kind of stripping mask so often that they no only end up with sensitive skin, but with the constant damage of the skin, causes pigmentation, thus, developing a new set of skin problem???

What is the proper way of using mask? Generally most mask is advice to be put on after cleansing and exfoliating. Many ask if one should tone the face first before masking or to tone after masking? For oily acne skin, my advice would be after. Reason, most acne skin mask is deep cleansing, it is mean to clean out the pores and to calm the skin. Most toner or astringent is to temporally ‘close’ the pores, so, logically it should be used after masking.

Most manufacturer of mask will advice to have the mask on for 20 minutes to 30 minutes with a rear few that is design for overnight use. It is

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