Cancer please support? Is this skin cancer?

Cancer please support? Is this skin cancer?

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Canadian considering robustness precision surrounded by the United States?
I am a Canadian citizen, from Nova Scotia, scheduled to meet next to a neurologist and have an EMG… wait time is (here’s the kicker), 5 months! I am drastically concerned and may all but lose my mind while I wait. How does condition care in…

Canadian pharmacy hold you used this 1 ? sustain?
hi basicly my mate has just purchest some drugs from a so call canadian pharmacy (v1agra) but on the packaging it says from india so i come on here to research and found that sometimes they lie and ship from other countrys .so would like to…

Canadians individual please. What do you have an idea that of the Canadian Health Care System?
I’m a person from the United States who doesn’t understand why our governing body does not adopt the single payer system and would appreciate some first hand reports on Canadian Health Care. Hey there! Good for you…

Canadians would you prefer the American robustness strictness system or yours?
All I see are people from the US stating that Canadians have to dawdle for long periods of time before they get hold of treatment. Of course we have people dieing contained by emergency rooms being denied treatment but they don’t tell that. Your…

Canadians…What do you regard almost your healthcare system?
Is it all its made out to be or not? What is your average wait for regular visit? What is your average wait to see a specialist? How easy or

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