Sunless Tanning Will Protect You from Skin Cancer

Sunless Tanning Will Protect You from Skin Cancer

Sunless tanning lotions are becoming more and more popular. ┬áThis lotion allows you to look good and still take great care of your skin. It’s no surprise that when you have a good tan you feel better about yourself. Over the last decade, skin cancer has been a huge scare for Americans.Sunless tanners are a great alternative to being pale.

Skin Cancer or melanoma is usually caused by people overdoing it by baking in the sun for hours and even the tanning beds. It’s no secret that you shouldn’t expose yourself to the sun for long periods of time without SPF protection. Vitamin D which you get from the sun is great, but you only need small amounts of sun exposure to get the vitamins that you need.

Why do people crave that dark tan? Well, they feel better about the way they look. It hides blemishes and uneven skin tones. Some people feel it helps hide flaws that they may feel as though they have such as, stretch marks or cellulite. Women have even mentioned that they feel it makes them appear thinner.

Sunless tanning lotion is a direction you may want to go if you are looking to have that golden bronze without increasing your risk of skin cancer, wrinkles, or sun spots.  The sunless tanning industry has come a long way since sunless tanners were released over 40 years ago. The ingredients that most companies use are top notch and give you the look you are going for without the streaks, blotches, and the orange color.

Sherry Fleischut is an expert in sunless tanning lotion and the benefits of indoor tanning.

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