Windscreens Can Cause Skin Cancer

Windscreens Can Cause Skin Cancer

When the weather is warm, which is rare, we are less than prepared. Our cars become stuffy, as the majority of us do not bother with extras like air conditioning, and we all have the windows down to try and let some cool air in. But if reports are anything to go by then we should be careful about the risks of skin cancer from having the window down, as our arms and faces are often exposed to the sun.

It has also been revealed that some windscreens are not blocking us from UVA rays, despite the fact that they are protecting us from harmful UVB rays. Doctors in St Louis, New Orleans have discovered a spate of skin cancers on the head, neck and arms of patients who drive a lot for their job, and these are being blamed on the glass in our windscreens.

Car companies could now be ordered to install tinted glass into new models of our favourite vehicles to filter or completely block out these harmful rays.

They are also warning that sitting in your conservatory in the summer months could also put you at risk, however pleasant it feels at the time.

“If you are driving long distances or sitting in your conservatory every day with the sun beaming in, you are putting yourself at risk,” said a spokesperson for Cancer Research UK.

If you drive either for work or recreation, make sure that you have valid Car Insurance as this is a legal requirement on the roads.

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