Acne Treatment And Causes of Skin Problems

Acne Treatment And Causes of Skin Problems

Skin problems are very prevalent among teens and even some adults. This is caused by a few reasons. Compounded stress, self image issues, over active hormones, poor nutrition, and poor hygiene all play a part in cause acne in teens and adults. The way that your skin gets clogged is from regular bacteria being in pores for awhile without getting cleaned. Then, the body produces something called sebum in the hair follicle cavity. The sebum is actually what feeds the acne bacteria and causes havoc in your pores.

Over time your body will send in white blood cells to try and clean up your follicle. This is troublesome and can irritate the skin, cause redness, and even inflammation. If you have overactive glands and they are producing too much sebum it is very easy to get acne. If you wear many layers of clothes, this can make it hard for your skin to breath and get clean. Try to only wear coats and sweat shirts when it is very cold, otherwise try to wear loose fitting shirts for best skin. Acne on your body can be prevented with this method.

Some thing you can do to help your body fight acne is always shower after working out and use luke warm water because this helps the skin retain its healthy oils. Additionally, when you wash your face and body dry it by patting your skin rather then rubbing the water off. This technique allows your body to keep moisture in that results in supple looking skin. The main thing to focus on is cleanliness and keeping good ventilation over your skin because this will make it very hard for bacteria to build up in pores, hence no more acne.

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