Leucoderma – Mechanism of Vitiligo Skin Depigmentation in Vegetarians

Leucoderma – Mechanism of Vitiligo Skin Depigmentation in Vegetarians

Yes, meat (or fish) and milk cannot take all the blame for vitiligo since vitiligo is also found in vegetarians as well as meat eaters.

We live in an imperfect world and vegetarianism is not a cure all. Radiant health is a multifactorial phenomenon and doing one thing and neglecting others may equally spell disaster. Being a vegetarian is better and healthier lifestyle than meat-based diet. This does not mean that vegetarianism does not have it’s own drawbacks.

Vitiligo is a nutrient deficient and degenerative disorder and anything that causes imbalance or distrupts homeostasis can derange the body’s immune system. This leads to predisposition to vitiligo (skin depigmentation) and other associated autoimmune diseases.

We should stop asking what type of disease a person has and focus on what type of person has the disease. Disease in general is a product of choice and human behavior which is based on belief system.

Vegetarians are also prone to nutrient deficiency and depletion like the rest of the population. In fact, vegetarian diet may lack many vital nutrients which are natural healers of vitiligo. Remember that the body does not heal vitiligo differently from any other disease. Vegetarians are also subject to organ pollution and nutrient insufficiency. This internal imbalance shows up as “skin disease” which is an outward reflection or window to internal disharmony. Nature tends towards healing and balance and anything that distrupts this homeostasis exposes the body to disease.

For instance, most vegetarians eat a lot of sugar including fruit sugars (fructose) that produce acid wastes. Well, sugars of all types can distrupt the immune system and cause tissue breakdown as in vitiligo. Sugars also deplete vital B-complex vitamins just like alcohol or yeast fermentation. Most vegetarians eat moldy nuts, seeds, grains and dried sugary fruits which form fungal toxins that deplete the body’s nutrient reserve

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