Several Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

Several Ways to Prevent Wrinkles


It is always wonderful to get complemented on our skin, especially if we are older. Given that, who wouldn’t want to be told that they don’t look a day over 25 when they are in fact in their mid thirties? It is a great feeling and many of us will brag about that day for weeks to come. So what is it that ages us the most?

Usually wrinkles on the face, neck, and hands are the main giveaways of age. However there are certain other reasons, such as age spots, sun spots and uneven skin tone. All of these things can reveal our age or even make us look older. Some of the factors which influence our aging negatively include sun, stress, and pollution. So is there anything we can do in order to improve the appearance of our skin? The answer is yes. There are numerous steps you can take in order to maintain healthy and radiant skin. The first and most important of these steps is proper protection from the sun. Be sure to avoid the sun’s harmful rays from 10-3, and if you do have to be out and about during those hours, be sure that you wear at least SPF 30. Also, if you want to avoid those annoying little crow’s feet for as long as possible, be sure to always wear sunglasses and reading glasses when needed. Wearing glasses will stop you from squinting and eventually leaving permanent lines on your face.

Another helpful tip requires very little effort on your part. Many of us are not aware of the fact that sleeping on our side can lead to cheek and chin wrinkles. A solution to this problem is as easy as sleeping on your back or investing in a silk pillow case. These are just a couple tips in improving the appearance of your skin.

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