Will a Trans Dermal Collagen Gel Therapy Reduce Your Wrinkles?

Will a Trans Dermal Collagen Gel Therapy Reduce Your Wrinkles?

Have you heard of a trans dermal collagen gel remedy? Are you aware of what it is and what it does? After reading this article, you should have a better understanding. Trans dermal means through the skin. Collagen is a vital skin protein, which is important in the overall texture and elasticity of your skin. When you are younger, you will have an abundance of this protein. This is why youthful skin is so healthy looking and feeling.

However, as you age your body begins to produce less and less of this protein along with another protein known as elastin. The body must naturally produce collagen. You cannot apply it to your skin and taking a pill will not re-produce it either.

Now, will a trans dermal collagen gel remedy work then? Well, let us look at it. The body must produce collagen naturally. There are specific natural substances though that will help to stimulate the reproduction of the protein.

A product that claims to contain collagen whether it is a trans dermal collagen gel remedy or not, will not work effectively. The reason is that you cannot apply this protein to your skin. The molecules are too large to penetrate the layers of skin. Therefore, this is an ineffective product. Unfortunately, many cosmetic companies have used collagen as an ingredient for quite some time.

The real solution for reducing lines and wrinkles is to use a product that contains specific natural ingredients that will stimulate the re-growth of the collagen protein.

These products do not contain collagen at all. One of the most effective natural ingredients is Phytessence Wakame. It is a type of Japanese sea kelp that is rich in antioxidants and it helps to boost the collagen production in the body. Another very effective natural substance is Cynergy TK. This substance also is extremely effective at stimulating collagen production.

You will likely not find these substances in any trans dermal

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